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In this series of workshops, we will reconstruct a decolonization theory as an anti-racist practice of Black and Indigenous liberation in Abya Yala. Through analysis of multimedia readings and experiences, as well as discussions and sharing of our collective knowledge and experiences, we will form a shared understanding of our diverse histories of slavery, colonialism, and imperialism, as well as a common terminology to describe them. From our legacies of resistance, we will use this shared understanding to build a common agenda for a liberated future for our people. 


Our primary goal in these workshops will be to build an understanding that we can then take back to our communities to inform our work in solidarity with Black and Indigenous peoples, as well as to set a trans-regional agenda for BILM and other trans-regional coalitions and institutions. 


Also, we will build a shared understanding of the terms of analysis and struggle so that our various organizations operating in Abya Yala can present a clear and coherent message. 


Through this gathering, we will be able to contextualize our work as part of a rich history of struggle and resistance across the continent and in line with a broader vision of a liberated future.


In addition, this workshop series is divided into six modules that bring together significant themes related to how we understand the composition of our communities, their relationship to systems of power and exploitation, and our visions for liberating ourselves from these systems.

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Registration is open from August 19 to 26, 2022.

Start of the Training School: August 29 to October 08, 2022.

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