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We are a coalition among collectives, peoples, grassroots organizations and social movements from all over the Americas. Born in 2020, our goal is to support the struggles against racism, discrimination, violence, colonialism and the ravages of racial capitalism.
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We want to gather all the voices of the continent and establish a solidarity action network that allows us to raise awareness regarding the demands of each territory and community so that together we can fight the inequality and injustice experienced by indigenous peoples and black communities.
We seek to raise awareness regarding the need for unity as a tool to build a world free of racism, violence and discrimination.
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We believe that only by joining us, we will be able to generate a better future for humanity in which diversity is honored, valued and perceived as a force that generates cohesion, coexistence and happiness.


We see a world where the lives and rights of indigenous and black communities are fully recognized and fear of "the other" has no reason to exist.


We firmly believe that the best way to address these problems is to:

  1. Build understanding bridges between leaders,

  2. Support causes that demand social justice and accountability,

  3. Encourage effective solidarity between organizations,

  4. Raise public awareness of the different forms of racism and discrimination and what we can do about them through our movement.

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Our member and ally network is made up of 134 organizations, grassroots communities, collectives and social movements from 22 countries in the Americas and 5 continental and global networks.

We are a growing family whose common goal is the self-determination of black and indigenous peoples.

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