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The Direct Financing Program of the Black and Indigenous Liberation Movement (BILM) aims to support the work of communities, grassroots organizations and social movements fighting for diversity, inclusion, equity, non-discrimination (including racial and others), climate justice and intersectionality.

As its name suggests, BILM's Direct Financing Program seeks to directly support, without middlemen, the work of communities, grassroots organizations and social movements.

Therefore, this Program seeks to reach actors who are on the frontline, especially in these times of political reshaping situations affecting directly the communities and their territories.

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Based on the above, BILM's Direct Financing Program can support any action for the following purposes:

  • Actions with direct and immediate impact.

  • Symbolic and media actions.

  • Joint actions with movements in other regions.

  • Capacity development

The following criteria will be considered in selecting the projects and/or activities to receive direct funding:

  • Fulfill the criteria set forth in the rules.

  • Participating in the work groups of the BILM platform.

  • Meaningful impact for the activity corresponding to BILM's objectives.

  • Gender mainstreaming.

  • Environmental perspective mainstreaming.

  • Funding requested cannot exceed $3000 per project/activity.

  • There will be no funding for salaries or direct payments to individuals.

  • There is no requirement to be a legal organization or association in order to apply for assistance.


The call period is open from July 18 to September 9, 2022

The resolution of the call will be answered a maximum of 30 days after the presentation of the project.


In order to add allies to BILM, the Direct Funding Program will request from the beneficiaries a narrative summary of the activity or multimedia content to distribute through social networks and website with the following objectives:

  • The activity must be documented. 

  • Raise awareness through the activity.

  • Encourage other grassroots actors to mobilize.

  • Gather new allies for BILM.

Examples of media products:

  • Short videos, from 1 to 5 minutes long. They can be recorded with mobile phones. It’s important that the video explains the project or cause that you are promoting. 

  • Picture galleries that we can distribute on social media. Please include credits for each picture, as well as a description.

  • Podcast and audio testimonies, with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

  • Blogs and/or post compilations.

  • Published media articles.


To apply you must fill out the form below and send a document or video that describe your project to

The documents must be one page maximum and the videos must be five minutes maximum. 

When we have the information about your project, the BILM team together with the movement's political articulation commission will evaluate it and will respond your aplication  in 30 days.

To apply check the link:

Short description - Objectives - Expected outcomes and/or products - Media products or narrative summary

Thank you for applying, we will get in touch!

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