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The Black and Indigenous Liberation Movement launches Direct Financing Fund

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The Fund seeks to support the work of communities, grassroots organizations and social movements that fight for diversity, inclusion, equity and non-discrimination.

June 4, 2021. The Black and Indigenous Liberation Movement's (BILM) Direct Financing Fund was launched to support the work of communities, grassroots organizations and social movements that fight for diversity, inclusion, equity, non-discrimination and climate justice.

Representatives of organizations from more than 15 countries throughout the south, center and north of our Abya-Yala (America) fighting daily against racism, violence, discrimination and colonialism attended the event.

The Direct Financing Fund seeks to reach actors in the front line of combat, especially in these times of reshaping the political scenario, which has a direct impact on communities and their territories.

The Fund is oriented to support actions with immediate and direct impact, symbolic and media actions, actions coordinated with movements in other regions, as well as activities focused on capacity development.

BILM seeks to coordinate the local struggles of indigenous and black communities aiming to generate a regional vision of initiatives, claims and demands related to the black and indigenous communities of the continent. It also seeks to raise awareness of the struggles happening in different parts of the continent, which all share the same opposition to racism, colonialism and the assertion of the rights of indigenous and black peoples, heirs of the African diaspora in the Americas.

BILM will ask the partners for media products to be distributed through digital media as part of its strategy to bring in allies.

The criteria taken into account in the selection of the projects and/or activities that will receive direct funding are as follows:

  • Participating in the work groups of the BILM platform at least until October 2021.

  • Meaningful impact for the activity corresponding to BILM's objectives.

  • Gender mainstreaming

  • Environment mainstreaming.

  • Funding requested cannot exceed $3000 per project/activity.

  • There will be no funding for salaries or direct payments to individuals.

  • It is not required to be a legal organization or association in order to apply for assistance, but you will be asked to present internal documents proofing the formation as a grassroot organization.

The rules and the application form are available at:


During the Launch, the movement’s Second Planning and Strategy Session also took place, in which the participating organizations became actively involved in BILM through three different commissions:

  • Political Coordination Commission. It is responsible to maintain links between organizations, BILM collectives, as well as reviewing and evaluating projects submitted for the Direct Funding Program.

  • Direct Action/Liberation Commission. It is responsible to coordinate the platform’s schedules and joint activities.

  • Media Commission. It is responsible for the coordination of the movement’s broadcast and media platforms.

If you missed the session and would like to join one of the BILM commissions, you can do it by filling out this form:

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